Top Benefits Of Taking A Manage Disruptive Change Course

Businesses are always in a constant state of simultaneous growth and decline. Most companies had contingency plans in place for what negative events they projected to take place. The emergencies we plan for are rarely what happens. The recent turmoil created in business markets because of the pandemic presents numerous opportunities for change and improvement. Disruptions bring up issues that simply cannot be ignored. These problems present both a threat and immediate opportunity to the business remaining in good standing. Read More 

Career Center Services To Help You Find Your New Career Path

Looking for a new job can seem like a daunting task, whether you are starting out in a new career field after college or making the switch later on in your life. The help you can get to prepare you for a career change can come in the form of assistance at a local career center. Here are some services and help that your local adult career center can provide to you to help you find the right career path. Read More 

How Does A Company’s Accounting Department Work?

Many people who attend accounting school spend at least some of their career working within an accounting department at an agency or business. But what does an accounting department look like? What is the structure and hierarchy of your average accounting department? And what trajectory might your career in one take? Here's a short guide. The Teams In an Accounting Department The term "accounting department" is a bit of a catch-all concept that is comprised of a variety of different functions that all add to the financial management of the company. Read More